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Titanium MagnetField Therapy Bracelet

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Achieve a fit and lean body with the Titanium MagnetField Therapy Bracelet.


Tom Bennett was a big kid from a young age. He said that he always had a habit of making poor food choices and never really got out of that habit until his weight became a serious problem.
"I noticed a slow improvement over weight loss. I'm thirty-seven, and my metabolism on its own is not what it was in my teens, so for the energy, and metabolic boost, I can account for the effects of Titanium. It was a big help for fat burning and maintain my weight if I am not working out."
-Tom Bennett


Germanium : Boost Immune System

Germanium gives therapeutic effect and stimulates the body's immune system. it increases the supply of oxygen in the body, and destroy free radicals. It has also been considered to treat various forms of cancer and allergies.

Negative Ion: Increases Serotonin

Negative ions produce biochemical reactions that improves serotonin and helps to relive stress, alleviate depression, and boost daytime energy.

Far infrared: Detox

Far infrared is a good support to cardiovascular health, by improving the blood circulation in the skin and internal organs.  Far infrared light has also been associated with an overall improvement in health.

Magnet: Cell Balance

The static magnetic field applies a pressure to a certain points on the body that links to the thyroid. The thyroid hormone ensures metabolism rates at ideal level where it prevent excess weight gain.



"Amazing product! I have been struggling with weight loss since I was a child and now I finally see results after I started wearing this bracelet! I also workout regularly and I meal prep. Also, this product gives me relief from the constant pain on my back. A good value for money."
-Harry Roworth, Jersey City

"Was amazed by the results! It helped me get focused and gave me extreme energy. The Titanium helped me burn more fats, improved my life so much and gave me a lot of confidence."
-Kyle Barker, St. Louis

" I find that this therapy bracelet substantially helps on my body transformation. Especially when I wear this while working out, it works best, and it also helps for the energy boost, which is a good motivation to hit the weights, the leg press, or the elliptical. I also find I'm not exhausted after a workout."
-David Martinson, Baltimore


1 x MagnetField Therapy Bracelet