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9 in 1 Multifunctional City Survival Cable Stick

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There's no need to bring different tools for your devices when this
all-in-one cable stick will help you connect your gadgets
to one another, whenever you need it!

This tool is built to hold all the essentials for your gadgets,
especially when you travel a lot!


Type C to Type C cable is included for easy access,
particularly if your laptop or phone supports Type C connectivity.


  • USB 2.0 Adapter - Its included Type C cable makes it easy to link to most computers or laptops using the USB 2.0 Adapter.
  • Micro USB Adapter - Helps you in connecting a Type C cable to a computer that accepts a micro USB link.
  • Lightning USB Adapter - Using the Type C cable, this adapter allows you to connect any device to another device that has a lightning USB port.


This tool also works as a Micro SD Card reader. All you have to do is connect
the Type C cable to the tool while your card is inserted and connect
the other end on any device using adapters. This also holds your
Micro SDs if you don't have a storage to keep them.


If you often fly abroad, this tool will also save any sim card you use.
It also has an ejector for changing the phone's sim card.


You can even use it as phone stand when you're
watching a movie somewhere!




Dimensions: 29cm x 16cm x 132mm
Cable Length: 17cm
Weight: 70g