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Hidden Mini Night Vision 1080P CAM

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 ZIOTI hidden camera ( 22 x 18 x 24mm) is the smallest portable pocket camera in the world. It is perfect as home security cameras/nanny cams for recording both snapshot picture and video without attracting any attention.


 Full charged, it can last for about 1 hour and It can keep recording while charging. It can use 5 days while in a 20000MAH power bank, and 365 days while in a power outlet. The spy cam has a 200 MAH rechargeable lithium battery.

This spy camera in exceptional 1920X1080P HD at 30 frames per second that can take instant clear pictures and stable videos with wide-angle 165 degree.

 Motion detection mode only records while movement detected, which makes it easier than other mini spy cameras to save storage space .

 The spy camera supports a T-Flash card up to 32GB. This camera has a strong magnetic design, you can apply on different iron surface, such as refrigerator, window or alloy surface.

 How to Use

  1. 1. Insert a T-flash card ( not included ).
  2. 2. Holding the "POWER" button for about 2 seconds, the blue indicator light is normally on ( the camera enters 720P standby mode ).
  3. 3. Press the "M" button once, the red and blue lights are normally on ( the camera enters 1080P standby mode ).
  4. 4. Press the "POWER" button again, the indicator lights flash 3 times and go off ( the camera begins to record in 1080P ).
  5. 5. When the recording is over, you can connect the camera to a computer ( or you insert the T-flash card into a phone ).
  6. 6. Watch the video.


  • The camera doesn't come with a T-flash card and the camera only works well when the T-flash card is inserted.
  • The camera doesn't have WIFI and the camera can’t be connected to the phone through the APP.
  • If the camera doesn't work well, please reset the camera. If the resetting can't solve the case, we will help you.
  • Automatic video segmented storage technology is used, and every 5 minute length video is a segment. If the size of the recorded video exceeds the storage capacity, the new video will cover the earliest video.
    • Maximum support 32G T-Flash card, loop recording.